redheadPR supports Swindon athlete at ITU Sprint Distance Triathlon World Championships

redheadPR, the dynamic independent public relations, design and web agency, is providing £1,000 worth of support to Swindon athlete, Kev Tonner, who will represent Great Britain at the 2014 Edmonton ITU Sprint Distance Triathlon World Championships... Read more

Swindon athlete Kev Tonner qualifies for ITU Sprint Distance Triathlon World Championships

Swindon triathlete Kev Tonner will be mixing it with the world's best when he flies out to Canada next month... Read more

Back Pain and the Psoas

May 2012

What is the Psoas Muscle? The biggest factor in back and hip pain is frequently the psoas muscle. Many believe the psoas muscle is one of the most important muscles in the body. The number of problems caused by the psoas is quite astonishing... Read more

Acute Injury Advice

March 2012

Rest for injured area is absolutely vital in early stage. If fibres have been torn apart, any movement will continue to open and Aggravate the tear and cause much more bleeding. Immediate rest from any movement or load-bearing enables the fibres to knit together quickly before any more damage is done. It is far better to over-react with too much rest in early stage then to try and ignore the symptoms... Read more

Shin Splints!!

March 2012

I see alot of patients with what they call shin splints, mainly runners and footballers.

The term shin splints is used to describe pain along the tibia, the use of this term is not pathologically precise! There are multiple causes with defined pathophysiologies that lead to a more specific diagnosis of shin pain... Read more

Pilates with

Pilates as rehabilitation is a great preventative medicine. The Pilates principle of core stabilization addresses posture, muscle performance and motor control the same concepts that form the basis of most rehabilitation and therapy.... Read more

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape as seen on TV in many top sporting events is a great way to continue the benefits you receive when having sports therapy. Whether sitting in a poor posture at work, struggling with a niggling injury in the gym or experiencing pain playing sport, Kinesio tape can help. I used Kinesio tape on a client I saw last week, had been suffering from Achilles Tendonophy and was in pain daily! I saw the client a week later and has seen a big decrease in pain!.... Read more