Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape as seen on TV in many top sporting events is a great way to continue the benefits you receive when having sports therapy. Whether sitting in a poor posture at work, struggling with a niggling injury in the gym or experiencing pain playing sport, Kinesio tape can help. I used Kinesio tape on a client I saw last week, had been suffering from Achilles Tendonophy and was in pain daily! I saw the client a week later and has seen a big decrease in pain!

The use of Kinesio tape involves taping over muscles to minimize pain and inflammation, relax tired muscles that are suffering from overuse and to support muscle movement. The taping is non-restrictive and allows a full range of motion, critical for athletes who are recovering from injury or seeking to avoid it. Taping works well as an isolated form of treatment although yields better results when coupled with sports therapy.

Advantages of using Kinesio tape include: • It creates a lifting effect on the skin's surface, which improves circulation and relieves pain. • It may be applied using different amounts and directions of tension, so the tape has the ability to relax or stimulate muscles. • It is made of gentle cotton fibre. • It features a 100% medical-grade acrylic adhesive. • It is totally latex free • It does not limit the wearer's range of motion. • The distinctive wave-pattern weave moves with the wearer's movements. • It allows for 3 to 5 day wear time to provide 24-hour a day results to the patient and to provide for an economical treatment.